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Infinite automatic mouse clicks

Auto Clicker is one of the utility & tools developed by MurGaa Softwares for desktop users. Once you’ve activated the software, it will provide you the capability to set a number and speed of clicks you prefer and have your computer do all of the clickings for you which will let your fingers rest. You have the option to use an auto-clicker, either at a pre-defined fixed screen location or at a current mouse cursor location. With just a single click, you can immediately start or stop the automatic clicking of the mouse cursor. This can be useful for running a script, playing a clicker game, and other actions without the need for a keyboard.

Fast and highly configurable

When you start to accelerate this software, you will be welcomed by the main window that enables you to configure tons of options. You can customize the maximum number of clicks, the delay between clicks, and the mouse button you prefer to use during the auto-click period. You also have the option to minimize the window once it starts clicking or use the middle mouse button to start or stop clicking automatically. Moreover, if ever you are not fond of hearing a click sound you can customize the software

This auto-clicker program is a fully functional and easy-to-use tool. You can easily learn this utility program, even when you’re just a beginner user. It requires no learning curve for non-tech savvy users as this can simply be learned intuitively. It is available for free with a time usage limit. The good thing is that the auto-clicker you’ll experience in the free trial mode works as good as the full and registered version of the app, which will greatly encourage you to purchase the premium tool. With multiple options for how to start and stop it and solid programming that keeps it running for hours if need be, Auto Clicker is usable for pretty much any task where you need to do a lot of repetitive clicking. 

Some software drawbacks

As the pro version works as a one-time activation only, the drawback is you can’t register again the copy you previously bought once you reinstall your computer or change to another computer. You will then be forced to either pay for another registration or look for a different auto-clicker, which may make your program experience a hassle. There are also quite a number of times that it invalidates your key for motherboard, formatting, or CPU changes.

Furthermore, Auto Clicker features a number of seemingly-redundant functions—two fields for how many milliseconds between clicks, for example. In reality, these settings serve to give you optimum control over how your clicking goes, but it can seem excessive, particularly to a user who only uses the program once or twice.

Functions as it is

Overall, Auto Clicker works acceptably with its default settings, but to get it to work exactly as you'd expect, you'll likely have to tweak it a bit. It's worth using if you expect to need it periodically.


  • Start/stop with a single click
  • Helpful video tutorial
  • Automatic click of any mouse button repeatedly
  • Highly configurable


  • The same premium version bought can't be used again once reinstall OS or change PCs
  • invalidates your key for system changes oft-times
  • Contains redundant functions

Also available in other platforms

User reviews about Auto Clicker

  • Mario DaSilva

    by Mario DaSilva

    Finally! An auto-clicker app for MAC OS. I have been longing for an app like this to have a Mac version so I could also use an auto clicker in my MAC  More

  • Brianna Li

    by Brianna Li

    The Auto Clicker stops after a short period of time, which is quite unfortunate to say the least.


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