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How To Use GS Auto Clicker in 3 Fast Steps

GS Auto Clicker is a downloadable program that lets you use one hotkey instead of your mouse for tasks that may require an excessive amount of clicking. It extends your mouse’s life by reducing the wear and tear associated with these tasks over time. Most of us would find this really useful, but you may be thinking, how do I use it? We’re here for you! 

How To Use GS Auto Clicker

There are only a few steps to understanding this process, which is pretty straightforward.

Step 1: Installation

Installing GS Auto Clicker is relatively simple. It can be used on a PC with Windows 7 or above. After installation, you will need to launch the program to begin using it. 

Step 2: Using the Application

If you’ve ever played any games that require you to click a lot, this will be helpful. After launching the app, you can begin automating your tasks by opening the options menu and adjusting the number of times you would like the clicker to go off. You can also change the interval between clicks. 

Step 3: Setting Intervals

After clicking the options tab under the main menu, you’ll be presented with a few options. The one that we are interested in is the recording menu. This selection lets you set up a sequence of clicks. You’ll have to click on the item or program that you would like to have connected to do this. Each item you click would be considered a click record.  

If you’re attempting to set up a sequence, you’ll have to click pick point after each item you would like to add. Once this is done, and the series is established, all you have to do is hit okay. To test this, after the sequence is set, use F8 on your keyboard. This will run through the click sequence. 

Auto-clicking in seconds

All in all, GS Auto Clicker is a clean-cut minimalistic app that is quick and efficient. Because of its lack of frills, you will never have to worry about lag or crashing. The program doesn’t take a lot of system resources, and you can install it using little free memory. The app doesn’t have any downsides that we’ve noticed. 

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